With Teeth

by Broadside Electric

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It's the biggest B.E. sound yet, with the five-piece (fiddle, winds, frets, bass, drums) lineup kicking it out on eleven tracks. Some are favorites from our live repertoire, and others soon will be. Songs and tunes from all over (England, America, Ireland, Bulgaria, France...). We promise this is the only record you'll hear that has a Croatian dance, an English music hall song and a Bob Dylan cover. (CS 1707D)


released August 17, 1999

Produced by: Tommy Joyner

Broadside Electric is:
Joe D'Andrea, Amy Ksir, Tom Rhoads, Jim Speer, Helene Zisook

All selections researched, deconstructed, adapted, reinvented, orchestrated, juxtaposed, arranged, interpreted and otherwise performed without remorse or hesitation by Broadside Electric.

With Teeth was recorded at Milkboy Recording, Philadelphia, PA, January through June, 1999

Engineered by Kieran Mulvaney, Noel van der Goes, and Tommy Joyner

Engineering assistance: Darrel Asbury

Additional production: Kieran Mulvaney

Mixed at The Studio, Philadelphia, PA
Mastered by David Musial at SkyRoom Studios, Jersey City, NJ
Manufactured by Healey Disc, Ottawa, ON, Canada

Guest appearances by:
Melissa Demian, Rachel Hall, Paul Mimlitsch

Cover design and layout: Helene Zisook
with lots of help from her friends at Miller Designworks

Many and various thanks to: Mike Ciul, Paul Grzelak, Lovely Nancy D'Andrea, Gene Shay, Larry Gold, Cory Hubbert, Dianne Tankle, Dr. Bob Cohen, Ray Ashley, Gail Rundlett, Jerry Weene, Dave Palmater, Paul Mimlitsch, Brian Seymour, Ann Bies, Mike Agranoff, John Mahoney, Robin Richards, Bruce Rogers, Herman Melville, Abby Kay, Simple Gifts, and Einstein's Little Homunculus

Thanks for teaching us songs and tunes: Rachel Hall, Tich Cownie, Jerry Zisook, Eleanor Lewis, Henrik Norbeck, bil mckenty, Walter Smith, Marian McKenzie, Birgit Burke, Mary Richards, and The Snowy Range International Folkdancers


The ABC web page: www.gre.ac.uk/~c.walshaw/abc/
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"Stick" is a registered trademark of Stick Enterprises, Inc.

More information and even greater detail are available at our really huge web site: www.broadside.org

We are happy to answer any questions, provide any assistance or reference that we can, or consider any requests concerning almost any related topic via e-mail: info@broadside.org or bookings@broadside.org

©(p) 1999 Clever Sheep Records



all rights reserved


Broadside Electric Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Broadside Electric is a five-piece electric folk band from Philadelphia, PA (US). They have earned a reputation for thoroughly original arrangements and painstaking research into traditional English, Celtic and Eastern European music. Broadside Electric has been at turns called “Pennsylvania’s answer to Steeleye Span” and “folk music’s answer to death metal.” ... more

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Track Name: Royal Oak
As we were sailing all on the seas,
We hadn't sailed months but two or three,
Before we spied ten sail of Turks,
All men of war and full as big as we.

"Pull down your colors, you English dogs!
Pull down your colors and do not refuse.
Oh, pull down your colors, you English dogs
Pull down or else your precious lives you'll lose!"

Our captain being a valiant man,
And a well-bespoken young man was he:
"Oh, they'll never say that we died like dogs,
But we will fight with them most manfully!"

"Go up, you lofty cabin boys,
And mount to the mainmast topsail high,
For to spread abroad to King George's fleet
That we'll run the risk or else we'll die!"

The fight began about six in the morning,
And on to the setting of the sun.
Till at the rising of the next morning,
Of those ten ships we couldn't see but one.

For it's three we sank and three we burned,
And three we caused for to run away,
And one we brought to Portsmouth harbour,
For to let them know that we had won the day.

If anyone should then enquire
If any want to know our captain's name,
Captain Wellfounder is our commander
But the Royal Oak it is our ship by name.
Track Name: With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm
In the Tower of London, large as life
the ghost of Anne Boleyn walks, they declare
For Anne Boleyn was once King Henry's wife
until he had the axe-man bob her hair
Ah yes, he done her wrong long years ago
And she comes back each night to tell him so


With her head tucked underneath her arm
she walks the bloody tower.
With her head tucked underneath her arm
at the midnight hour.

She's gonna find King Henry, she's giving him what for
Gadzooks she's gonna tell him off for having spilled her gore
And just in case the axe-man wants to give her an encore
She's got her head tucked underneath her arm


Along the drafty corridors, for miles and miles she goes
She sometimes catches cold, poor dear, it's chilly when it blows
And it's awfully awkward for the queen when she has to blow her nose
With her head tucked underneath her arm


Now sometimes old King Henry throws a spread
For all his pals and gals, the ghostly crew
The axe-man carves the joints and cuts the bread
When in walks Anne Boleyn to spoil the do
She holds her head up with a wild war whoop
And Henry cries, "Don't drop it in the soup!"


One day she found King Henry, and he was in the castle bar
And he said, "Are you Jane Seymour, Anne Boleyn, or Catherine Parr?
"Well how the heck am I supposed to figure who you are,
"When you've got your head tucked underneath your arm?"

Chorus (2x)
Track Name: Three Pounds Ten
Oh if I had the wings of a gull, me boys,
I would spread them and fly home.
I would leave old Greenland's icy ground,
For the right whale here is none.
Oh the weather's rough and the winds do blow,
And there's little comfort here.
And I'd sooner be snug in an Edinburgh pub
A-drinking of strong beer.

Oh, a man must be mad or he's wanting money bad
To adventure catching whales,
For he may be drowned when the fish he turns around
Or his head smashed in by the tail.
Oh the work seems grand to a young green hand
And his heart is high when he goes,
But in a very short burst he would sooner hear a curse
Than the cry of "There she blows!"

Thy words the raging winds control,
And rule the boisterous deep

Thou mak'st the sleeping billows roll
The rolling billows sleep,
The rolling billows sleep

"All hands on deck now, for God's sake!
Move briskly if you can."
And you stumble on deck so dizzy and so sick,
For your life you don't give a damn.
High overhead the great flukes spread
And the mate gives the whale the iron
And soon the blood in a purple flood
From his spout hole comes a flyin'.

These trials we bear for nigh on four years
'Til our flying jib points to home.
We're supposed for our toil to get a bonus on the oil
And an equal share of the bone.
But we go to the agent to settle for the trip
And there we have cause to repent,
For we've slaved away four years of our lives
And earned about three pounds ten.
Track Name: The Gardener
Proud Margaret stood in her father's doorway
Straight as a willow wand
And by there came a gardener bold
With a red rose in his hand, his hand,
A red rose in his hand

Oh you shall have my rose, fair maid,
If you'll give your flower to me
And among the flowers in your father's garden
I'll make a gown for thee, for thee…

Your gown shall be sweet smelling thyme
And your apron celandine
Your petticoat of the chamomile
Come kiss, sweetheart, and join

Your gloves shall be of the clover flower
And your shoes of rue so fine
I'll line them with the cornflower blue
Come join your love with mine

Since you have made a gown for me
Among the summer flowers
So I shall make a suit for thee
Among the winter showers

The milk white snow will be your shirt
That lies your body next
And the night black rain will be your coat
With the wind all at your breast

Your boots will be of the bramble briar
That nothing can betide
The water wan will be your steed
Light on, young man, and ride

The hat you wear upon your brow
It will be of the weather gray
And every time that you pass by
I'll wish you were away
Track Name: Bruton Town
In Bruton town there lived a farmer
Who had two sons and one daughter dear.

One told his secrets to no other,
but to his brother this he said,
"I think our servant courts our sister,
I think they have a mind to wed.
I'll put an end to all their courtship,
I'll send him silent to his grave."

A day of hunting was prepared,
Where only bush and briars grew.
And there they did this young man murder,
And in the brake his body threw.

"Now welcome home, my dear young brothers,
Our serving man, is he behind?"
"We've left him where we've been a-hunting,
"We've left him where no man can find."

As she lay dreaming on her pillow,
She thought she saw her own true love;
She dreamt she saw him standing by her,
She saw his coat was red with blood.

"Don't weep for me, my dearest jewel,
Don't weep for me nor care nor pine,
For your two brothers killed me cruel-
In such a place you may me find.

"Rise up, my love, tomorrow morning,
Go straightway to that brake you know,
For there you'll find my body lying,
Where only bush and briars grow."

She went out early in the morning,
And in the garden brake she stood
And there she found her own dear jewel,
All covered o'er in a gore of blood.

She took a kerchief from her pocket,
And wiped his eyes though he was blind.
"Because he was my own true lover,
My own true love and a friend of mine."

Three days and nights she did sit by him,
And her poor heart was filled with woe,
Till cruel hunger crept upon her,
And home she was obliged to go.
Track Name: Jellon Grame
Word has come to May Margaret
To her garden where she sat:
"You are bidden come to good Green-Wood
And speak with Jellon Grame."

"Go saddle my horseback," she said,
"As quick as e'er you may,
And I will ride to good Green-Wood,
It is a pleasant day."

She had not ridden a mile, a mile
A mile but barely three
When she came to a new made grave
beneath a green oak tree

Up then started Jellon Grame
Out of a bush nearby
"Light down, light down now May Margaret
For in this grave you'll lie."

She lighted off her milk-white steed
and knelt upon her knee
"Oh mercy, mercy, Jellon Grame,
I'm not prepared to die."

"Your babe that stirs between my sides
Will shortly see the light
To see it lying in my blood
would be a piteous sight."

It's out he drew a long, long sword
And a struggle did ensue
But quickly through that lady's sides
He's struck her through and through

O with her last dying breath
That scoundrel she did curse:
"The baby stirring in my sides
Shall be more mine than yours."

Then up spoke cruel Jellon Grame,
"Your curse I shall not heed,
For though you fed our daughter blood,
I'll feed her milk and meat."

He felt no pity for that lady
Though she was lying dead
But he felt some for the bonny girl
Lying in her mother's blood

He's taken up that bonny girl
and given her nurses nine
Three to wake and three to sleep
and three for in between

So strange a thing about this girl
And the way in which she grew
She reached the age of twenty years
While others aged but two

So soon it was that bonny girl
Became a hunting maid
She learned her art from Jellon Grame
And never left his side

One day it fell upon a time
As a-hunting they did go
They rested them in good Green-Wood
It was a pleasant day

Then out did speak that bonny girl
While a tear stood in her eye
"O tell me this now, Jellon Grame,
and I pray you will not lie,"

"Why is it that my mother dear
does never take me home?
To keep me still in banishment
is both a sin and shame."

"You wonder why your mother dear
does never send for thee
Lo, there's the place I slew your mother
beneath that green oak tree."

With that the girl has bent her bow
It was both stout and long
And though and through this Jellon Grame
She's made an arrow go.

"Lie you there, oh father dear
My mother's curse to rue
The place that she lies buried in
Is far too good for you."
Track Name: April Morning
It was on an April morning just as the sun was rising
It was on an April morning I heard the small birds sing
They were singing lovely Nancy, for love it is a fancy,
Sweet were the notes that I heard the small birds sing.

O young men are false and they ever will deceive you
O young men are false and they never will prove true,
For they're roving and they're ranging, and their minds are ever changing,
Seeking for to find out some other love that's new.

O, if I had but my own heart in keeping
O, if I had but my own heart back again,
Safe within my bosom I would lock it up forever,
And it should wander never so far from me again.

Why do you spend all your time in courting?
Why do you spend all your long time in vain?
O I don't intend to marry, I would rather longer tarry,
Young men don't you spend all your single lives in vain.

It was on …