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Live-in-the-studio album documents the second Broadside Electric lineup at the height of its powers. It was recorded just before Melissa Demian's departure, and her vocals are front and center on an eclectic selection of pieces (ranging from a Swiss carnival march to Italian Baroque opera), anchored by "Tam Lin," "Town of Ballybay," "15 Bricks at the Bottom of the Pond," and the twisted "Acano Mlada Nevesto." Also available on Digalog® chrome cassette (CS 1703C). Also re-released on CD in 1997 (CS 1703D).

With Melissa's impending departure from the band in fall 1994, we knew that most of these songs would never be heard again, at least not like this. So we went into the studio with audience, donuts, and juice, and recorded all our songs live in an attempt to preserve the sound and spirit of our concerts. Maybe listening to this album will remind you, as it does us, of good times spent with good friends.


released January 1, 1994

Broadside Electric is:

Melissa Demian: Lead vocals, Appalachian dulcimer
Tom Rhoads: Lead vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, recorder, harmonica, whistle
Jim Speer: Bass guitar, clarinet, backing vocals
Helene Zisook: Violin, viola, mandolin, backing vocals

Produced by Broadside Electric and Adam Glickman

Recorded and Mixed 1994 at Chill Factor Studios, Ardmore, PA
Engineered by Adam Glickman

Special guests and Mooing: Lewis Becker, Emily Gavin, Ben Lewis, Brni Mojzes, Alan Rose

Special guests, did not "moo": Mike Ciul, Dan Riles

Cover design by J. Speer
Artwork produced by H. Zisook

Digital Post-Production by Ray Monahan at Digital Domain, Philadelphia, PA

Manufactured by Healey Disk, Ottawa, Ontario

Thanks to:

Adam Glickman who did the work of 10 men
Rachel Hall for Frejlexs, Han-an-Tow, The Cliffs of Mohir, and other great ideas
Alan Rose for constant equipment loans and years of support and advice
Gail Rundlett for When I Was a Fair Maid and Three Drunken Maidens
Eoghan Ballard for the Irish version of Ar Fa La La Lo
Robert and Marianne Pulver for the tapes from which we took Altfrangg
Brownlow Speer, Frank Herrmann, S.J., and Arthur Madigan, S.J. for Latin translations
Lewis Becker for the juice
The Rhoads and Speer families for their continued support
Paul Grzelak for making it impossible for us not to press CDs of this recording
William the Conqueror for many Norman influences
Tommy Joyner for everything else.

As we re-release this recording on CD, we remember fondly the time we spent with Ray Monahan working on this and two other recordings. We miss him.

Unless otherwise, all selections are traditional, arranged by
Melissa Demian, Tom Rhoads, Jim Speer, and Helene Zisook.

The New St. George © Warlock Music Ltd.
Miner's Night Out © Colorado Music

Made in Canada
©(P) 1995, 1997 Clever Sheep Records



all rights reserved


Broadside Electric Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Broadside Electric is a five-piece electric folk band from Philadelphia, PA (US). They have earned a reputation for thoroughly original arrangements and painstaking research into traditional English, Celtic and Eastern European music. Broadside Electric has been at turns called “Pennsylvania’s answer to Steeleye Span” and “folk music’s answer to death metal.” ... more

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Track Name: When I Was A Fair Maid - Altfrangg
I listed in the navy, for to serve the Queen.
I listed in the navy, a sailor lad to stand,
for to hear the cannons rattling and the music so grand.
The music so grand, the music so grand,
for to hear the cannons rattling and the music so grand.

Well, the officer who listed me was a tall and handsome man,
He said "You'll make a sailor lad, so come along, my man."
My waist being tall and slender, my fingers long and thin,
Oh the very soon they learned me, I soon exceeded them.
I soon exceeded them…

They sent me to bunk and they sent me to bed,
To lie with those sailor lads I never was afraid,
For taking off my blue coat, it oft times made me smile,
For to think I was a sailor and a maiden all the while.
A maiden all the while…

They sent me to London town, to guard the Tower,
And I'm sure I might be there until my very dying hour,
But a lady fell in love with me, I told her I was a maid
And she went unto the captain and my secret she betrayed.
My secret she betrayed…

Well the captain, he stepped up to me and he asked if this was true.
I dare not, I dare not, I dare not say no.
"'Tis a pity we should lose you, such a sailor lad you made,
It's a pity we should lose you, such a handsome young maid."
A handsome young maid…

So it's fare thee well, my captain, you've been so kind to me,
And likewise, my sailor lads, I'm sorry to part with thee
But if ever the navy needs a lad, a sailor I'll remain,
I'll put off my cap and feathers and I'll run the rigging again.
I'll run the rigging again…
I'll run the rigging again…
Track Name: Tam Lin
The steed that my true love rides on is lighter than the wind
With silver he is shod before, with burning gold behind.

I forbid you maidens all, that wear gold in your hair,
To come and go by Carter Hall, for young Tam Lin is there.

Janet's belted her green kirtle a little above her knee,
And she's away to Carter Hall as fast as she can hie.

She had not pulled a double rose, a rose but only two,
When up then started young Tam Lin, says "Lady, pull no more."

"Why pulls thou the rose, Janet, and why breaks thou the wand?
And why comes thou to Carter Hall withouten my command?"

"Carter Hall it is my own, my father gave it me.
I'll come and go by Carter Hall and ask no leave of thee."

Now, Janet's belted her green kirtle a bit above her knee,
And she is to her father's hall as fast as she can hie.

Then up spoke her father dear, and he spoke meek and mild:
"E'er alas, sweet Janet," he says, "I think you go with child."

"If that I go with child, father, it's my self shall bear the blame,
There's ne'er a lord about your hall shall get the babe his name."

"For if my love was an earthly knight, as he's an elfin grey,
I would not trade my own true love for any knight you have."

When she came to Carter Hall, Tam Lin was at the well.
"Oh tell to me, Tam Lin," she says, "how came you here to dwell?"

"When I was from hunting come, then from my horse I fell,
The Queen of Faeries caught me up in yon green hill to dwell.

"But at the murk and midnight hour, the faerie-folk will ride,
And they that would their true loves win, at Miles-cross they must bide."

"Oh, first let pass the black, lady and then let pass the brown,
But quickly run to the milk white steed, pull ye his rider down."

"They'll turn me to a bear so grim and then a lion bold,
But hold me fast and fear me not, as ye shall love your child."

"At last they'll turn me in your arms into the burning lead
Then throw me into well water, o throw me in with speed."

So well she minded what he did say and young Tam Lin did win,
Soon covered him with her green mantle, as blithe's a bird in spring.

Up then spoke the Queen of Faeries, and an angry queen was she,
"Shame betide her ill-fared face, an ill death may she die."

"But had I known, Tam Lin," she said, "what now this night I see,
I'd've taken out thy two grey eyes, put in two eyes of tree."

The steed that my true love rides on is lighter than the wind.
With silver he is shod before, with burning gold behind.
Track Name: Hal-an-Tow
Hal-an-tow, jolly rumble-o
We were up long before the day, O
To welcome in the summer sun, to welcome in the May, O
For summer is a coming in and winter's gone away, O

Robin Hood and Little John, they both have gone to fair, O
And we shall to the merry green wood to hunt the buck and hare, O

Hal-an-tow …

And where are all the Spaniards who made so great a boast, O?
They shall eat the feathered goose and we shall eat the roast, O

Do not scorn to wear the horn that was the crest when you were born,
Your father's father wore it and your father wore it too.

God bless Aunt Mary Moses and all her power and might, O
And send us peace in England, send peace by day and night, O
Track Name: Robin Hood And The Tanner
In Nottingham there lived a jolly tanner
With a hey, down, down a down down
His name was Arthur a Bland
There is not a squire in Nottinghamshire
Dare bid bold Arthur stand.

And as he rode out in a summer's morning
With a hey …
In the forest of merry Sherwood
To view the red deer that range here and there,
there met he with bold Robin Hood

"Why what art thou, thou bold fellow?
That ranges so boldly here?
In sooth, to be brief, thou lookst like a thief
That comes to steal our king's deer."

"I'll yield to thy weapon," said jolly Robin
"Since thou wilt not yield to mine.
For I have a staff of another oak graft
Not half a foot longer than thine."

"But let me measure," says jolly Robin
"Before we begin our fray.
For I'll not have mine to be longer than thine,
For that would be called foul play."

And knock for knock they lustily dealt
Which held for two hours or more.
Till all the wood rang at every bang,
They plied their work so sore.

"Oh what is the matter?" then said Little John.
"Master, I pray you tell.
Why do you stand with your staff in your hand?
I fear that all is not well."

"Oh, man, I do stand and he makes me to stand,
This tanner that stands me beside.
He is a bonnie blade and master of his trade
For soundly he hath tanned my hide."

"He's to be commended, then," said Little John,
"If such a feat he can do.
If he be so stout, we will have a bout
And he shall tan my hide too."

"Hold thy hand, hold thy hand," said Robin Hood
"For as I do understand
He's a yeoman good and of thine own blood
For his name is Arthur a Bland."

Then Little John threw his staff away
As far as he could it fling,
Then ran out a hand to Arthur a Bland
And about his neck did cling.

And ever hereafter, as long as I live
We three will be all one.
The woods shall ring and old wives sing
of Robin Hood, Arthur, and John.
Track Name: Three Drunken Maidens
There were three drunken maidens come from the Isle of Wight.
They drunk from Monday morning, nor stopped 'til Saturday night.
When Saturday did come, me boys, they wouldn't then go out,
And these three drunken maidens, they pushed the jug about.

Then up comes bouncing Sally, her cheeks as red as a bloom.
"Move up, me jolly sisters, and give young Sally some room.
For I'll be your equal before that we go out.
And these four drunken maidens, they pushed the jug about.

There's woodcock and pheasant, there's partridge and hare.
There's all sorts of dainties, no scarcity was there.
There's forty quarts of beer me boys, they barely drunk them out.
And these four drunken maidens, they pushed the jug about.

Well then up comes the landlord, he's asking for his pay.
"It's a forty pound bill, me boys, these girls are supposed to pay."
That's ten pounds apiece me boys, but still they wouldn't go out.
And these four drunken maidens, they pushed the jug about.

So where are your feathered hats, your mantles rich and fine?
They've all been swallowed up in tankards of good wine.
And where are your maidenheads, you maidens brisk and gay?
"We left them in the alehouse, we drank them clean away."
Track Name: The Town Of Ballybay
To me ringle dingle dum, to me ringle dingle laddie-o
To me ringle dingle dum, to me whack for de laddie-o.

In the town of Ballybay there was a lassie dwelling
I knew her very well and her story's worth the telling
Her father kept a still, he was a great distiller
And when she took to drinking, why the Devil couldn't fill her

To me ringle …

She had a wooden leg, 'twas hollow up the middle
She used to put a string in and play it like a fiddle
She played it day and night, played it night and day O
And when the neighbors told her "stop" she played her fiddle anyway

Now, she said she couldn't dance unless she had her wellies on
But when she had them on she could dance as well as anyone
She wouldn't go to bed unless she had her shimmy on
But when she had it on, God, she'd go to bed with anyone

She'd children up the stairs, and children in the byre
Another ten or twelve sitting roaring by the fire
She fed them on potatoes, and soup she made from nettles
and lumps of hairy bacon that she boiled up in the kettles

She's had lovers by the score, every Tom and Dick and Harry
She's courted day and night and still she wouldn't marry
And then she fell in love with a fellow with a stammer
And when he tried to run away she hit him with a hammer

Now she's led the sheltered life, eating porridge and black pudding
She terrorized her husband 'til he died right sudden
And when her husband died she felt so awful sorry
She stuffed him in a canvas bag and tossed him in the quarry

To me ringle …
To me ringle …
Track Name: Air Fàil A Lail Ò (Ar Fa La La Lo)
Air fàil a lail ò, horò, air fàil a lail é
Air fàil a lail ò, horò, air fàil a lail é
Air fàil a lail ò, horò, air fàil a lail é
Fail i, fail ò, horò, air fail a lail é

A' bhuachaille bhàin mas aill leat labhairt air thùs
Gur a leat-sa gun dàil mo làmh ma thig thu le mùirn
Gur truagh mar a tha nach do thàrladh mise agus tu
Ann an eilean gun tràigh, gun ràmh gun choite, gun stiùir

Ma théid thu air sàil, a ghriadh bi gini 'ad' phòc'
Is òl mo dheoch-slàint'gach àit an suidh thu mun bhòrd
L d'chride geal, aotrom, éibhneach, aighearrach òg
Gur toigh leam am beul o'm bìnn a thigeadh an ceòl

Gur toigh leam an deud 's am beul nach labhradh le sgràing
Bhi sinnte ri m' thaobh, a ghaoil nan tigeadh tu ann
Mur bhiodh luchd nam breug bha m'eudail is mise gun taing
Le òrdugh na cléir le chéile 'n ceangal gu lann

Nach robh mis' is thu am beinn no monadh no sliabh
No air an traigh bhàn an àite nach robh duine riamh
Seachd oidhche, seachd là, gun tàmh gun chadal gun bhiadh
Ach thus' a bhi 'ghràidh 's do làmh gheal tharam gu fial.

[Ar Fa La La Lo]

Air fàil a lail ò, horò, air fàil a lail é
Air fàil a lail ò, horò, air fàil a lail é
Air fàil a lail ò, horò, air fàil a lail é
Fail i, fail ò, horò air fail a lail é

Oh, fair-haired cow-herd, if it is your desire to be first to speak:
My hand is yours if you come to me with joy.
It is sad that being together is not our destiny,
On an isle with no shore, without boat or rudder or oar.

If you go to sea, my dear, there will be a guinea in your pocket,
And drink to my health each place that you sit at the table.
With your pure, glad and joyful heart,
I desire the mouth from which comes forth the music.

I so like the mouth, the tooth that would not with rancor speak,
Lying beside me, my darling, if only you'd come:
Were not the gossipers there my dear I'd give thanks,
With order of clergy our binding together forever.

Would that you and I, on mountain, on moor or on heath,
Or on the white beach in a place where no one e'er was
Seven nights, seven days, without respite, without sleep without food
But just you and I my dear, and your arm's protection around me.
Track Name: Rufford Park Poachers
A buck or doe, believe it so, a pheasant or a hare
Was set on earth for everyone quite equally to share
So poachers bold, as I unfold, keep up your gallant hearts
And think about those poachers bold, that night in Rufford Park

Now they say these forty gallant poachers, they were in a mess
They oft had been attacked when their number it was less
So poachers bold …

All among the gorse, to settle scores, these forty gathered stones
To make a fight for poor men's rights, and break those keepers' bones
So poachers bold …

Now the keepers they came on with flails, against the poachers and their cause
That no man there again would dare to break the rich man's laws
So poachers bold …

The keepers they began to fight, with stones and with their flails
But when the poachers started, why, they quickly turned their tails
So poachers bold …

All on the ground, with a mortal wound, head keeper Roberts lay
He never shall rise up again 'til final Judgment Day
So poachers bold …

Of all the band that made their stand with setter, net or snare
Just four were brought before the court and tried for murder there
So poachers bold …

The judge he said, "For Roberts' death, transported you must be
To serve a term of fourteen years in convict slavery."
So poachers bold …

A buck or doe, believe it so, a pheasant or a hare
Was set on earth for everyone quite equally to share
So poachers bold …
Track Name: The New St. George
The time has come for action, leave your satisfaction
Don't you hear Saint George's tune, Saint George's tune is calling you on
Freedom was your mother, fight for one another
Leave the factory, leave the forge and dance to the new Saint George

Don't believe pretenders who say they would defend us
While they flash their teeth and wave the other hand is being paid
They choke the air and bleed us, these noble men who lead us
Leave the factory …

The fish and fowl are ailing, the farmer's life is failing
Where are all your backroom boys, your backroom boys won't save us now
We're poisoned by the greedy, who plunder on the needy
Leave the factory …

The time has come for action …

Words and music by Richard Thompson, ©1972 Warlock Music.
Track Name: L'Incoronazione Di Poppea
Dorme, l'incauta dorme
Ella non sa,
Ch'or verra
Il punto micidiale.
Cosi l'umanita vive all'oscurro,
E quiando ha chiusi gli occhi,
Crede essersi dal mal posta in sicuro.

O schiocchi, o frail
Sensi mortali,
Mentre cadete in sonnacchioso oblio
Sul vosto sonno e vigilante Dio.

Siete rimasi
Gioco de' casi,
Soggetti al rischio e del periglio prede,
Se Amor genio del mondo non provvede.

Dormi, Poppea,
Terrena Dea;
Ti salvera dall'armi, ti salvera dall'armi,
altrui rubella, rubella,
Amor che move il sol e l'altre stele.

Gia s'avvicina
La tua ruina;
Ma non ti nuocera strano accidente
Ch'Amor picciolo e si, ma onnipotente,

[The Coronation of Poppea, act II, scene xiii]

The unguarded one is sleeping.
She is unaware that the fateful moment now approaches.
Thus do people live in darkness:
When they close their eyes they think they are secure.

Oh, how foolish and weak,
senses of the mortals,
while you sink into weary oblivion
an attentive god watches over your sleep.

You would otherwise be a plaything
in the hands of fate,
exposed to every risk and danger,
if Love, the driving force of the world,
did not take up your interests.

Sleep, Poppea,
earthly goddess.
You are protected against treacherous attack
by Love, who moves the sun and stars.

Your ruin already approaches,
but you will suffer no evil,
for the all powerful Love protects you.
Track Name: New York Girls
As I walked out on South Street, a woman I did meet
She asked me just to see her home she lived on Bleecker Street

And away Santy, my dear Annie
Ah, you New York girls, can't you dance the polka

And when we got to Bleecker Street we stopped at 44,
Her mother and her sister came to meet us at the door

And when we got inside the house the drinks were handed 'round
The liquor was so awful strong my head went round and around

And then had another drink before we sat to eat.
The liquor was so awful strong, I quickly fell asleep

When I awoke next morning, I had an aching head.
There was I, Jack all alone, stark naked in that bed!

My gold watch and my money and my lady friend were gone
And there was I, Jack all alone, stark naked in that room

Now looking 'round this little room, there's nothing I could see
But a woman's shift and apron, and they were no use to me

With a flour barrel for a suit of clothes, down Cherry Street forlorn
There Martin Churchill took me in, and sent me round Cape Horn

So sailor lads, take warning, when you land on that New York shore,
You'll have to get up early to be smarter than a whore