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Recorded in the fall of '92 and released January '93, this was the first Broadside Electric album. Includes the original folk-metal version of "Mosé Salió de Misrayim," the rich vocals of "Henry Martin" and "The Six Questions," and the runaway reels of "40 lbs. of Yarn." Also available on CD (CS 1701D) and chrome cassette (CS 1701C).


released December 1, 1992

Dramatis Personae

Melissa Demian: lead and backing vocals, Appalachian dulcimer
Tom Rhoads: lead and backing vocals, guitars, piano, soprano recorder, harmonica
Jim Speer: bass, clarinet, saxophone, alto recorder, synthesizer, backing vocals
Helene Zisook: violin, viola, mandolin, backing vocals

Recorded and mixed to DAT at Second Street Audio Production and Recording, Philadelphia, PA, Oct.-Dec. 1992. Engineered by Larry Freedman; produced by B.E. and Larry Freedman.

Digital assembly and editing by Ray Monahan at Digital Domain, Philadelphia, PA.

Disks and cassettes manufactured by American Helix, Lancaster, PA.

Special thanks to (in alphabetical order):

Larry Freedman for getting it all on tape.
Rachel Hall for her part in founding Broadside 2½ years ago, and for "Kitchen Girl," "Growling Old Man," lots of art and other good ideas.
Frances Rhoads for motivation and support, without which this record would never have existed.
Alan Rose for the loan of the 12-string guitar and Fender amp, for recommending Larry to us, and for freely loaning us his 4-track and lots of other gear, especially PA for our live shows; also for putting up with our rehearsing beneath his bedroom for two years!
David Schwartz for booking us over and over at the Red Raven, one of the most enjoyable places we've played.
Brownlow and Doris Speer for financial help with this project.

Thanks also to (in no particular order):

B. H. Bronson's Traditional Tunes of the Child Ballads; Joanne at the Mermaid (and Lou from the Open Circle); Sarah Smith for T-shirt art; Alan Rose; Lori Lippitz of the Maxwell Street Klezmer Band for "Yoshke;" Rhoda Gena and Gail Rundlett (Helene's and Melissa's teachers, respectively); Sam Williams for photography; Alan Rose; Mike Agranoff and the Folk Project; Dan Riles for sound, more photos and roadieing; Jeanne Braun; Philip Rhoads for business cards; Alan Rose; Freud and Marx; Regina Gordon; Voice of the Turtle; Andrea Cheng; and Alan Rose.

A final thank you to all who have turned out to see us play, from December 8th, 1990 to the present.

©(P) 1992 Clever Sheep Records



all rights reserved


Broadside Electric Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Broadside Electric is a five-piece electric folk band from Philadelphia, PA (US). They have earned a reputation for thoroughly original arrangements and painstaking research into traditional English, Celtic and Eastern European music. Broadside Electric has been at turns called “Pennsylvania’s answer to Steeleye Span” and “folk music’s answer to death metal.” ... more

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Track Name: New York Girls
As I walked out on South Street, a woman I did meet
She asked me just to see her home she lived on Bleecker Street

And away Santy, my dear Annie
Ah, you New York girls, can't you dance the polka

And when we got to Bleecker Street we stopped at 44,
Her mother and her sister came to meet us at the door

And when we got inside the house the drinks were handed 'round
The liquor was so awful strong my head went round and around

And then had another drink before we sat to eat.
The liquor was so awful strong, I quickly fell asleep

When I awoke next morning, I had an aching head.
There was I, Jack all alone, stark naked in that bed!

My gold watch and my money and my lady friend were gone
And there was I, Jack all alone, stark naked in that room

Now looking 'round this little room, there's nothing I could see
But a woman's shift and apron, and they were no use to me

With a flour barrel for a suit of clothes, down Cherry Street forlorn
There Martin Churchill took me in, and sent me round Cape Horn

So sailor lads, take warning, when you land on that New York shore,
You'll have to get up early to be smarter than a whore
Track Name: Wild Mountain Thyme
O the summer time has come, and the trees are sweetly blooming
and the wild mountain thyme grows among the purple heather

Will you go, lassie, go?
And we'll all go together,
To pull wild mountain thyme
All across the blooming heather
Will you go, lassie, go?

I will build my love a bower by yon crystal flowing fountain
And on it I shall pile all the flowers of the mountain

Will you go …

If my true love will not go, then I'll surely find another
where the wild mountain thyme grows among the blooming heather

Will you go …

I will build my love a shelter by yon clear mountain stream
And my love shall be the fairest that the summer sun has seen.

Will you go …
Track Name: Skewball
Ye gallant sportsmen all, come listen to my story
It's of the bold Skewball, that noble racing pony.
Half a marvel was the man who brought bold Skewball over,
He's a diamond of the land and he rolls about in clover.

The horses were brought out, with saddle, whip, and bridle,
And the gentlemen did shout when they saw the noble riders.
And some did shout "Hooray!" The air was thick with curses,
And on the grey Griselda the sportsmen laid their purses.

The trumpet it did sound, they shot off like an arrow,
They scarcely touched the ground, for the going it was narrow.
Then Griselda passed him by, and the gentlemen did holler:
"The grey will win the day, and Skewball, he will follow."

Then halfway 'round the course, up spoke the noble rider:
"I fear we must fall back, for she's going like a tiger."
Then spoke the noble horse, "Ride on, my noble master!
For we're halfway 'round the course, and now we'll see who's faster."

And when they did discourse, bold Skewball flew like lightning.
They chased around the course, and the grey mare she was taken.
"O ride on, my noble lord, for the good two hundred guineas,
The saddle shall be of gold when we pick up our winnings."

Past the winning post, bold Skewball flew quite handy,
and horse and rider both ordered sherry wine and brandy.
And then they drank a health, all to this Griselda,
And all that lost their money on the sporting plains of Kildare.
Track Name: Mosé Salió de Misrayim
Mosé salió de Misrayim, huyendo del rey Paró
Fuese derecho a Midian, encontróse con Yitro

Dió le así por la su hija, porqu'era temiente de Dio
Mosé pasaba el ganado que su suegro le entrego

Y al pasando su ganado, al monte de Horeb llego
Asientóse en una piedra, esperando ver al Dio

Oió una voz que decia, "Mosé, Mosé mi sirvo,
Descalza de tus zapatos, qu'en lugar santo estas tu."

"Vete derecho a Misrayim, dile al rey Paró
Que te entregue a mi pueblo, a mi pueblo Hebreo

"Y si no te lo entregaré, castigarle quiero yo
Con diez plagas que le mande, pa' que sepa quien soy yo."

Hodu l'Adonai ki tov, ki leolam chasdo
Alabado sea su nombre, por que siempre bien nos dó
Track Name: Henry Martin
There were three brothers in merry Scotland,
In merry Scotland there were three
And they did cast lots which of them should go, should go, should go,
And turn robber all on the salt sea.

The lot it fell upon Henry Martin,
The youngest of all of the three
That he should turn robber all on the salt sea, the salt sea, the salt sea,
For to maintain his two brothers and he.

Now they had not been sailing but a long winter's night
And part of a short winter's day,
When he spied a stout lofty ship … ,
Come a-bibbing down on them straightway.

"Hello, hello," cried Henry Martin,
"What makes you sail so nigh?"
"O, I'm a rich merchant ship bound for fair London Town,
And if you please, we shall quickly pass by."

"Oh no, oh no," cried Henry Martin,
"This thing it never could be.
For I have turned robber all on the salt sea,
For to maintain my two brothers and me."

"Come lower your topsail and brail up your mizzen,
And bring your ship under my lee,
Or I will give to you a full cannon ball,
And all your bodies drown in the salt sea."

"Oh no, we won't lower our lofty topsail,
Nor bring our ship under your lee,
And you'll not take from us our rich merchant goods,
No, nor point our bold guns to the sea."

And broadside, and broadside, and at it they went,
For fully two hours or three,
Until Henry Martin gave them the death shot,
And straight to the bottom went she.

Bad news, bad news, to old England came,
Bad news to fair London town,
There's been a rich vessel and she's cast away,
And all of her merry men drowned.
Track Name: False Sir John
False Sir John a wooing went to a lady young and fair
May Colvin was this lady's name, her father's only heir

It's "Give me some of your father's gold and some of your mother's fee
And I'll take thee to a far-off land and there I'll marry thee."

She's mounted on a milk-white steed and he on a dapple grey
And they rode till they came to a lonesome spot, a cliff by the side of the sea

"Light down, light down," said false Sir John, "thy bridal bed to see,
It's seven women have I drowned here, and the eighth one you shall be.

"Have off, have off thy gown of silk with borders all around,
For it's far too costly to lay down here and rot on the cold, cold ground."

"Turn around, turn around, thou false Sir John, and look at the leaves on the tree,
For it don't become a gentleman a naked maid to see."

Now false Sir John has turned around to look at the leaves on the tree
And she's made a dash with her arms so strong and pushed him into the sea

"Lie there, lie there, thou false-hearted wretch, lie there instead of me,
It's seven women have you drowned here and the eighth has drowned thee."
Track Name: The Six Questions
When you go down through yonder town,
Sing ivy leaf, sweet William and thyme,
Give my respects to that young maid,
And she shall be a true lover of mine.

Tell her to make me a cambric shirt
Sing ivy leaf…
Without any seam or needlework
And she shall be…

Tell her to wash it in yonder dry well
Where never spring water nor rain ever fell

Tell her to dry it on yonder thorn
That never bore blossom since Adam was born

Now he has asked of me questions three,
Sing ivy leaf, sweet William, and thyme.
I hope he will answer as many for me.
And he shall be a true lover of mine.

Tell him to find me an acre of land
Sing ivy leaf…
Betwixt the salt water and the sea sand
And he shall be…

Tell him to plough it with a cuckold's horn
And sow it all over with one peppercorn

Tell him to reap it with a sickle of leather
And bind it all up with a peacock's feather

When he has done and finished his work
O, tell him to come for his cambric shirt

Sing ivy leaf, sweet William and thyme…